About Us

Secure Democracy's mission is to educate policymakers and the public about secure and fair elections.

Safeguarding our elections means safeguarding every eligible citizen’s right to vote. We work to encourage our elected officials to create a voting system that works for all Americans – because the fairness and security of our elections matter to all of us.

Voting is an important responsibility and freedom, and one that should be taken seriously. Throughout our country’s history, Americans have fought and sometimes died for the right to vote. That’s why Secure Democracy works to make sure that every eligible American has the opportunity to vote.

There are common-sense steps that our elected leaders can take to safeguard our elections and Americans’ fundamental right to vote so that every legal vote is counted, while still ensuring the security and integrity of our systems.  Voting should not be needlessly difficult for working families, military families, homebound seniors, students, and families that live in rural areas. We’re all better off when more Americans participate in voting. It makes our election results more representative of what the people actually want. 


Our Work

Secure Democracy is a bi-partisan organization that develops campaigns at the state and local levels to secure, protect, and defend secure and fair voting access for all eligible American voters. We work to give more, not fewer, eligible citizens the freedom to vote and make sure every vote is counted.

Freedom and democracy are sacred. That's why it's important that every eligible American has the opportunity to make their voice heard and that we have a voting system that works for all Americans. Secure Democracy works with the public, lawmakers, and key stakeholders to make this happen.



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